Increased capability

Simulaneous and Concurrent Log-on

Events, stadiums, retail outlets an corporate wifi, are increasingly seeing huge numbers of concurrent users and log-ons, Reparti Wi fi can process 100,000's at simulateously, for a single client, across individual and multiple locations.


Integrating with existing corporate
wi-fi infrastructures

Easily integrates with corporate infrastructure. Authenticates wifi users against existing user data stores, including Active Directory, LDAP, SQL or Google Apps


Seamless site roaming

Hotspot 2.0 technology enables secure, seamless roaming between all locations


Asset tracking

Reparti offers asset tracking over wifi & with IP-based technology over ethernet



Connect devices securely & automatically to corporate networks


Saves on expert resource

Simple to use, allowing non-technical staff to undertake tasks previously done by IT experts



Fully customisable & scalable

An intutitive platform supporting more than 120 languages, is easy to customise to client's specific requirements


Reparti always at the forefront of wifi platform development

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