Sustainability Challenges

Protecting and enhancing current value is challenging, especially when linked to carbon and cost reduction.


Here data is key, virtual meters whilst keeping costs low, are based on assumptions and benchmarking. Unfortunately no one building is the same, assumption led processes are prone to error, therefore using real data is vital.


Many organisations already have vast stores of unutilised data that can be extracted, including data from the BMS. Saamsol SeeTM uses these resources to harvest information only installing new sensors and hardware where there are gaps. 


In today's global competitve environment it is critical that costs are kept to a minimum and that full value is extracted from investments and assets.


Ensuring that all elements of buildings and operations are operating at peak efficiency, knowing the correct timings of when to replace, dispose or maintain plant or building is an art form. With the detailed real data and analytics Saamsol SeeTM the art form is transformed to a science.


Most solutions for reducing OPEX inevitably involve increasing CAPEX, also most a vicious cycle. For example, reduce operational costs of lighting most will push for procuring LED lamps.



Saamsol SeeTM enables the reduction of OPEX whilst optimising CAPEX, providing insights into projects performance, against the stated returns at the outset.

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